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CryptDB   02 Jan 12
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A DB operating on encrypted data. Awesome. Thanks to trivium for digging out these gems.

Reinstall all gems   19 Dec 11
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Thanks to Jake Good for the useful one-liner:
 sudo gem list | grep -v "*** LOCAL GEMS ***" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -n1 sudo gem pristine

A story about 'magic'   03 Dec 11
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> hi Stefan, any idea why ccp91 went on vacation?

Just a bunch of zero bytes in the log right before the usual reboot messages. Maybe somebody flipped the magic switch …

MineSnooper   01 Dec 11
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Interesting website on mining research. I wish they covered most of the juniors I monitor.

James Moore interview   30 Nov 11
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Great interview from James Moore in Remarketing weekly. For all that finally want to get what Sifi does.


We want a sound government   28 Nov 11
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  • sound money backed by gold and or silver
  • focus on education
  • focus on entrepreneurships; no too big to fail
  • simple low flat tax (5 to 10%), no deductions; or small consumption tax
  • Government as small as possible
  • Manhattan based projects
    • raw materials (you need it for most things .. esp cleaner energy)
    • energy
    • ..
  • Excellence matters
  • Willingness to rebuild new industries (very expensive)

Western world, wake up and do something!

Alf Field's keynote speech at Sydney Gold Symposium 14-15 November 2011   27 Nov 11
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Alf Field is one of the best market timers when it comes to gold. see also

Mel Gorman article on huge pages   27 Nov 11
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Highly recommended

Apache Mahut -- the doc page is growing fast   27 Nov 11
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That is good news. I’m still not using it, and fall back to my parallel R and C hacks, but maybe I give it a real try very soon.

Good to see that it keeps its momentum.

The art of R programming   27 Nov 11
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free R book


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