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smaz: small strings encryption library   06 Apr 09
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Updated UK house prices in ounces of gold   04 Apr 09
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UK gold prices could drop below the 100 oz target. House values will even fall further as the gov’t won’t be able to afford social/welfare rents.

Cool hypertable freelance projects or permanent jobs   01 Apr 09
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If you are a hypertable expert and want a true challenge .. onsite (DFW, TX, USA) or via remote contact me at armin at personifi dot com. Looking forward to build a great team to kick ass!

Good video for the financial crises   28 Mar 09
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This could be a software company, or a nice government of a nice country.

FTSE100: Gold Ratio   08 Mar 09
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Anybody else seeing a trend here?

nonlocking memcache client   02 Mar 09
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localmemcache   02 Mar 09
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Efficiently sharing a hashtable between processes on a local Unix machine.

Approximity gold charts going back to 1968   16 Feb 09
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Tom updated all the charts, including inflation adjusted prices and indices.

I really love the big peak created by the Hunts :-)

Ruby dictionary for OS X.   08 Feb 09
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Search your ruby docs via Spotlight/Dictionary.

Comment on the financial crises   02 Feb 09
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I wish we would pump billions into new ideas and innovative startups, instead of supporting dinosaurs. The entire situation is pretty sad, but imagine we would start 10 projects like masdar city.

Of course one could never pull this off in Europe, as the regulations and bueraucracy would eat up 10 years before work could start.


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