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Compiere - Linux-mag article   25 Sep 04
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Like the heart and lungs, accounts payable and accounts receivable keep a company pumping. Money goes out; raw materials come in. Products and services go out; money comes in. If more money comes in than goes out, the company prospers. At least that’s the theory — and the goal.

Of course, the devil’s in the details: there’s inventory to manage, backorders to fulfill, outstanding invoices to collect, orders to process, bills to pay, and customers to service. The goal of business may be simple enough — but the business of running a business is anything but.

Fortunately, computers are a natural for the back office, and software to manage a business — called customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) software — has become a big business in itself. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Microsoft charge plenty of beans for bean counting software. For example, Microsoft’s Great Plains Software division charges $50,000 for a license, $100,000 for implementation, and $20,000 a year for maintenance.

But just as Linux has provided a free alternative to proprietary operating systems like Windows and Solaris, Compiere, this month’s "Project of the Month," provides an open source alternative to commercial CRM and ERP solutions. link

Three monsters united: Woody+Oracle 9.2 + Compiere 2.4.4.a   25 Sep 04
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the monster of opensource ERP & CRM systems on the monster of free GNU/Linux operating systems with the monster of commercial object relational databases. What happens when 3 monters go to bed together?


RITE (Ruby 2) at Rubyconf 2003   25 Sep 04
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Matz has presented RITE at rubyconf 2003.

matz called his talk: "How Ruby sucks".

The Power and Philosophy of Ruby .. or how to create babel-17 ..   25 Sep 04
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The slides that matz, the creator of Ruby used at oscon2003. Very, very good! Very thoughtful slides about natural languages, computer programming, Ruby, etc. The graphs alone are worth looking at the slides.

Mauricio Fernandez posted this to ruby-talk: AFAIK he introduced the concept of "brain power consumption" (now renamed as "stress" in his last talk) for the first time.

That was the first time (I’m aware of) somebody stated that the main goal of a programming language isn’t expressive power (possibly by being close to natural languages, as Perl) nor ease of learning or usage, but making the programmer happier (which is a weighted mix of all other criteria).

Video of the ll2 talk:

Interesting Ruby page: semantics & semiotics; code manufacture   25 Sep 04
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Some very interesting ruby stuff:

  • Artificial Neural Networks: Implemented a multilayer backpropagating artificial neural network using a momentum term and optionally a weight decay term.
  • Borges mod_ruby Integration: I have managed to get Borges running using mod_ruby. I will produce a library ready version of that and check it in the Borges project.
  • and much more
  • link

Compiere 251d and Oracle 10g and Java 1.5 beta   25 Sep 04
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For all of you that want to be bleading-edge … Perez Juarez posted this to the forum:
 I have run Compiere251d with Oracle10g & Java 1.5 beta :-), and I am very nice.

 You have to make the step:

 1.- Copy the $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar
 to $COMPIERE_HOME/lib/oracle10g.jar

 2.- Change into $COMPIERE_HOME/  in the -classpath oracle.jar for

DE: My Compiere slides for Linuxtag 2004   25 Sep 04
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Bin gerade am Linuxtag 2004 in Karlsruhe. Die Folien meines Compiere-Vortrages

How well does the Oracle-compatability mode work for SAP DB? I got to check that as it might be an option to replace the existing Oracle DB dependency.

I will post a few pics from the Linuxtag later. Not too many people here this year. Linux has simply made it into mainstream. The adventure has long gone :-). Got a nice yellow "no software patents" t-shirt.

Test Version of FreeRIDE with RRB Refactoring Support   25 Sep 04
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(Source: Curt Hibbs) I just put up a test version of FreeRIDE that includes RRB Refactoring support and I would like to ask your help in testing it. For windows user’s there is a complete pre-built binary (it can coexist with your current FreeRIDE installation), and for non-windows users there are instructions for adding RRB refactoring support to your existing FreeRIDE installation. Full details at: []

SAP costs too much - customers   25 Sep 04
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(Source: Register) Every now and then, an analyst firm gathers up its collective courage and issues an ROI study which contradicts everything a vendor’s marketing department would have you believe.

So hats off to Nucleus Research for firing a salvo at SAP for causing customers to shell out millions on software with little more than added worker productivity in return. link

ERP5: A Next-Generation, Open-Source ERP Architecture   25 Sep 04
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(Source: IEEE Computer Society) When someone says enterprise resource planning (ERP), most IT professionals think of the expensive, complex, and difficult-to-implement commercial products that were the rage a few years ago. Although many large corporations did reap tremendous cost savings from the implementation of such systems, an average implementation cost counted in the millions of dollars; this has prevented ERP systems from spreading to small and medium-sized businesses. After ERP deployment, its "blackbox" nature prevents from understanding and eventually improving the business processes it implements, leaving some important business decisions to the software publisher rather than to the corporate manager, preventing scientific researchers from getting involved in management innovation.

This situation provides much of the motivation for our architecture, ERP5, which offers several advantages for business. All ERP5 tools are open source, so are free and have openly available source code that a business can change to suit its processes. ERP5 incorporates, from scratch, advanced concepts such as object-oriented databases, a content management system, synchronization, variations, workflows, and a method to model and implement business processes. ERP5 is also a Web site where researchers can share innovation on management techniques and their implementation through software.

In 2001, two companies initiated the ERP5 project: Nexedi, a Zope service provider in France (Zope is a well-known open-source application server), and Coramy, a European apparel manufacturer. They aimed to develop a set of ERP software components for small and medium-sized companies. In addition to source code, the project also produced educational material and a clearly defined theoretical model. To fit the needs of smaller companies, they also designed ERP5 for distribution across distant sites with slow and unreliable Internet connections.



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