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Feb chart of the month: Interest rates peak with house prices   02 Feb 10
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Doctor Gold aka Tom updated the monthly chart.

At least in the UK, this seems to hold as he chart below shows. Lower rates create inflation in house prices, until the Bank of England steps on the emergency breaks and deflates the bubble in real terms. The lower and lower interest rates over the years have created a bubble bigger than ever before.

is a gem compatible with ruby1.9?   07 Jan 10
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thanks to Sven C Koehler for the link:

bup -- new backup tool   07 Jan 10
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Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format. Capable of doing incremental backups of virtual machine images.

Happy 2010!   27 Dec 09
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It will certainly be interesting.

Below is a photo of the Alps and of the Sahara.

Quite intriguing -- DJIA vs Gold   27 Dec 09
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G0ldfinger’s work:

Quite intriguing really.

Dow up — gold flat. Dow flat — gold up.


Strategy is clear: Dow is flat right now, and, without hyperinflation, could stay so for another 10 years. Meanwhile, gold will go up.

Armstrong Economics: The Decline of the West"   27 Dec 09
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another interesting article by Martin Armstrong

New gold chart of the month   18 Dec 09
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Tom Fischer publishered a new chart of the month:

"The top callers in gold have not done their homework. The comparison shows that the recent increase in the gold price can not even compare with the rise in the early 1970s." A comparion of year-on-year rates with day-to-day rates.

More gold charts:

Apx gold pages:

Find a prime around 6e6   09 Dec 09
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Sven C. Koehler showed me that Wolfram Alpha is actually useful for smoething.

Gold percentage change in the london AM Gold fixing (daily)   09 Dec 09
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So much for biggest plunge ever, or so.

EuRuKo 2010   27 Nov 09
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Let’s all meet in Krakow :-).

The annual ruby conference will be on May 22/23 in Krakow.


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