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"Utah Legal Tender Act" .. recognizes gold and silver as legal tender in the state of Utah   30 Aug 11
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Very interesting broadcast on KWN.

KWN weekly metals wrap   30 Aug 11
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Great Pierre Lassonde interview on King World News   30 Aug 11
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Pierre Lassonde is always worth listening to.

Germany's top court to rule on euro bailouts   30 Aug 11
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Sep 7 will decide how and to what extent Germany’s tax payers will bailout Europe.

nginx upstream keepalive patch   11 Jul 11
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Great work from Weibin Yao. Please try it and report bugs back to Weibin.

R wiki book   09 Jul 11
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This book is designed to be a practical guide to the R programming language.

Bare Metal OS -- for a lean, mean processing machien   27 May 11
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BareMetal is a 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. The OS is written entirely in Assembly, while applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++. Development of the Operating System is guided by its 3 target segments:
  • High Performance Computing - Act as the base OS for a HPC cluster node. Running advanced computation workloads is ideal for a mono-tasking Operating System.
  • Embedded Applications - Provide a platform for embedded applications running on commodity x86-64 hardware.

Education - Provide an environment for learning and experimenting with programming in x86-64 Assembly as well as Operating System fundamentals.

Hunt for the Gold:Silver Low   25 May 11
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Over the past 8 months, silver has seen a spectacular run-up in price, taking it from $17/oz in August 2010 to an intraday high of almost $50/oz on Monday, April 25 2011. Correspondingly, the gold:silver price ratio has dropped over that period from a value of approximately 68:1 down to 31.44:1 at the time of writing. This is a drop of 53.82%, the biggest spike down in the gold:silver ratio since the Hunt spike in 1979. Back then, the ratio went from a value of approximately 33:1 down to 13.99 — a drop of 56.61% in approximately 5 months time. Furthermore, silver is now in its 25% most expensive trading days since 1885 when compared to gold, with an average of the gold:silver ratio of 45.7:1 over the past 125 years.

Enjoy Tom’s latest article!

Multiple Y-axis in a R plot   11 May 11
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Great commandline utilities   06 May 11
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Thanks to Jake for the link:
  • dstat & sar
  • htop & iotop
  • slurm
  • ttyrec & ipbt
  • ..


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