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What the bubble got right   29 Sep 04
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Enjoy reading the latest essay by Paul Graham and you will understand why I continue to fight against wearing ties :-).

(Source: Paul Graham) I had a front row seat for the Internet Bubble, because I worked at Yahoo during 1998 and 1999. One day, when the stock was trading around $200, I sat down and calculated what I thought the price should be. The answer I got was $12. I went to the next cubicle and told my friend Trevor. "Twelve!" he said. He tried to sound indignant, but he didn’t quite manage it. He knew as well as I did that our valuation was crazy.

Yahoo was a special case. It was not just our price to earnings ratio that was bogus. Half our earnings were too. Not in the Enron way, of course. The finance guys seemed scrupulous about reporting earnings. What made our earnings bogus was that Yahoo was, in effect, the center of a pyramid scheme. Investors looked at Yahoo’s earnings and said to themselves, here is proof that Internet companies can make money. So they invested in new startups that promised to be the next Yahoo. And as soon as these startups got the money, what did they do with it? Buy millions of dollars worth of advertising on Yahoo to promote their brand. Result: a capital investment in a startup this quarter shows up as Yahoo earnings next quarter— stimulating another round of investments in startups.


I especially like this part: Nerds don’t just happen to dress informally. They do it too consistently. Consciously or not, they dress informally as a prophylactic measure against stupidity.

[ANN] Rubydium 0.1 - Tech Preview   27 Sep 04
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Alexander Kellett posted this to the ruby-ML
 Whoa, say what?
 Rubydium is aiming to become an optimising reimplementation
 of the Ruby 1.8 interpreter, currently its as good as vapourware
 however the key mechanism has been prototyped, thusly before
 commencing a major rewrite I thought i'd release the
 current state of the art.


Ruby Forum   25 Sep 04
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Alexey Verkhovsky saids, `Ruby Forum is a newly created bulletin board for discussing Ruby. Unlike ruby-talk mailing list, it allows anonymous posting and implements more understandable interface for searching. Intended target audience of this forum is newcomers to Ruby that are not committed enough to subscribe to a 100+ posts/day mailing list.’ RubyForum

[XP] OT: Regarding the Subjunctive Mood, if you happen to be in one ...   25 Sep 04
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(Source: Ron Jeffries) It’s important to take grammar seriously, even if she has been dead for years.

A good marketing beer add: "The ideal wife"   25 Sep 04
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A friend sent me this funny beer ad this morning. It is not politically correct, but enjoy it.

more ads

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla   25 Sep 04
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This Prenticall Hall book by Nigel McFarlane can now be downloaded complete from the internet:

XUL can give a richer widget than HTML. For a nice application look at the Amazon browser. The author says on its webpage: 6/03/2003 I discovered XUL some months ago, when I found the O’Reilly’s book "Creating Applications with Mozilla", freely available at . I started to read the book and I understood that in my daily web development I could use all widgets I’m used to have in desktop applications. When I develop Content Management System, Control Panel, and Web Administrative tools, I find myself spending a lot of time designing the interface to reproduce the most basic widgets. Things like resizing the columns width of a data grid, make the application usable with the keyboard, scrolling result list with arrow keys, creating tab panels and so on, are not a so simple task in web development. I have to write or find somewhere a lot of javascript library and I waste my time in designing the basic interface when I want to focus on the business logic. I think web applications (that are a different things from public web site) should have a powerful user interface similar to the ones on desktop programs. XUL have almost all widgets. You can customize them using simple CSS or the GUI inherit the browser theme. I remind you that Mozilla is not just a browser, but a complete framework for building cross-platform applications. A big part of Mozilla is made with the same technology you can use in web applications: Javascript, CSS, XUL.

He's inexpensive because he is totally untrained ..   25 Sep 04
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Check out the Dilbert comic from 7/21 :-).

How to Keep your Job   25 Sep 04
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 I had posted this 6 months ago, but the link has changed.
(Source: pragmatic programmers) One issue—above all others—is beginning to dominate our professional landscape. How can we, as developers, continue to stay on top of our profession?

The world is changing, and it’s changing faster than we think. Programmers are going to have to move up the value chain, and move up fast, if they are to keep their jobs in the coming years. The recession isn’t helping, as its effects are masking a significant underlying trend. When the recession ends, the truth is going to scare folks who aren’t prepared.


Tristan: Schwimmen und Schweigen!   25 Sep 04
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I came across this on why the lucky stiff’s blog.

 georg nussbaumer
 Tristan: Schwimmen und Schweigen!
 piano, mezzo soprano, tuba, bass drum, cymbals, 4 video screens,
 location:  indoor swimming pool (swimming audience (optional))

Stand up meetings ..   25 Sep 04
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Check out this Dilbert comic


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