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How to fund a startup   17 Nov 05
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Paul Graham of ViaWeb and Y Combinator fame has written a nice summary on how to fund a startup. Recommended

Agile Dilbert   16 Nov 05
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Even Dilbert has to face agile methods. Great story.

Some good Haskell IRC quotes   16 Nov 05
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script/console -- the rails irb   14 Nov 05
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Few rails users know that script/console exists. It lets you interactively explore your rails application. It is quiet similar to irb.

It can help to avoid a lot of browser reloads and so ultimately speed up developmpent even further. It’s a great debugging tool, and it’s fun to play with your objects in real time. But even better; you can use it to get work done. You have full access to your models.

 >> u=User.find_by_username('m94asr')
 => #<User:0x23b34b0 @attributes={"username"=>"m94asr",
   "firstname"=>"Armin", "id"=>"1", "surname"=>"Roehrl", "password"=>"XX"}>

 #reload your code
 load 'sample.rb'

Start the console with the console script:

 ruby script/console

If you start it without arguments the script will start the console in the development environment. To get to the production DB type

 ruby script/console production

MySQL new style password hashing   14 Nov 05
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If you are using rails with a newer mysql version you get an error message when trying to connect to mysql. database.yaml includes this link.

Basically you need to enter:

     -> 'some_user'@'some_host' = OLD_PASSWORD('newpwd');

Code Snippets: ruby on rails   13 Nov 05
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Some useful Ruby on rails snippets.

Session Container Performance   13 Nov 05
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I came by accident across this interesting study by ScottBarron.

The Ruby on Rails application framework provides several options for storing session data. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages which may not be readily apparent. The tests outlined in this document attempt to lay some groundwork which should help when determining which storage container is most suitable for your application.

I highly recommend reading it!

Getting your RSS feed into google/ig   12 Nov 05
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I like Google’s new personalized startpage. Adding your own data feeds via RSS is very simple.

Simply click on the top-left on Add Content.

Then click on "Create a Section" and add the right feed. For this blog:

and for Futurometer:

Now it will show up. Thanks to Ajax you can move the sections around with the mouse. Enjoy it!

Stefan added the red markings used inkscape an open source scalable vector graphics editor.

Adium: instant messaging   12 Nov 05
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Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more

After some searching and experimentation I recommend Adium on os X. On Linux I prefer gaim. Adium uses libgaim.

Screenshots on OS X   12 Nov 05
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In a nutshell:
  • the entire screen: Command-Shift-3
  • region of the screen: Command-Shift-4; Then click and drag the cursor to mark the area you want to capture.

The files are normally saved as Picture-* on the Desktop.

Further reading: MacDevCenter about more fancy capturing using timers, etc.


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