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Watching the Net's background radiation   25 Sep 04
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(Source: The Register) When the city sleeps, it’s never completely silent. But when the Internet sleeps, what kind of static does it make? What does it sound like? Like the weird warbles astronomers claim to hear from outer space?

We’d like to share what the Internet sounds like when it sleeps, and in its current highly agitated state, we think it’s worth sharing.

More and more female athletes pose nude   25 Sep 04
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This entry is politically incorrect, but I decided to post it anyhow, as
  • it seems to become more and more of a trend in the last 5 years: for the EM the wives and girl-friends of the Russian team took a nude photo session, for olympic games 2000, Australia’s women soccer team, the Dutch tean, Katie Vermeulen in the August Playboy, etc.
  • I really liked the words on Bridgette Starrs photo. Yes, I like the photo, too :-), as two friends have commented at once.
  • Yes, sex sells. It is really sad if the female athletes feel the necessity to pose nude for raising money.

It’s sad if the athletes feel it necessary to pose nude to raise money.

Make sure you read the motto on the picture.

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla   25 Sep 04
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This Prenticall Hall book by Nigel McFarlane can now be downloaded complete from the internet:

XUL can give a richer widget than HTML. For a nice application look at the Amazon browser. The author says on its webpage: 6/03/2003 I discovered XUL some months ago, when I found the O’Reilly’s book "Creating Applications with Mozilla", freely available at . I started to read the book and I understood that in my daily web development I could use all widgets I’m used to have in desktop applications. When I develop Content Management System, Control Panel, and Web Administrative tools, I find myself spending a lot of time designing the interface to reproduce the most basic widgets. Things like resizing the columns width of a data grid, make the application usable with the keyboard, scrolling result list with arrow keys, creating tab panels and so on, are not a so simple task in web development. I have to write or find somewhere a lot of javascript library and I waste my time in designing the basic interface when I want to focus on the business logic. I think web applications (that are a different things from public web site) should have a powerful user interface similar to the ones on desktop programs. XUL have almost all widgets. You can customize them using simple CSS or the GUI inherit the browser theme. I remind you that Mozilla is not just a browser, but a complete framework for building cross-platform applications. A big part of Mozilla is made with the same technology you can use in web applications: Javascript, CSS, XUL.

ri bug in latest ruby 1.8.2 source   25 Sep 04
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James Britt came to rescue:
 I grabbed the latest 1.8.2 source.
 I ran the usual: autoconf, configure, make, make install.
 ri failed.
 I looked inside Makefile and see the target install-doc.
 I ran make install-doc.
 ri worked.

 Not the most obvious path for me, but there you go

How I became a code fascist   25 Sep 04
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Superb post by the batman.

Heh, Forth _is_ a Rapid Development Tool   25 Sep 04
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found in comp.lang.forth
 Subject: Re: Application Development
 Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 08:35:43 -0800
 On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 03:34:19 -0600, Jason wrote:
 >> Hi All,
 >> Are there any rapid application development tools that work with FORTH? Any
 >> help is greatly appreciated.

        Heh, Forth _is_ a Rapid Development Tool.

         -- Regards, Albert

Pictures Diary by Cedric Le Foll   25 Sep 04
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By accident I came across this great blog by Cedric Le Foll. Enjoy it.

New blog: Alexander's Weblog: The world and beyond   25 Sep 04
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There is a new blog about economics, the world, politics and other interesting real life stuff. Written by a German working in Bangkok. link

A Quick Guide to SQLite and Ruby   25 Sep 04
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why the lucky stiff has written a nice introduction to SQLite.

So, lets talk about SQLites handsome features:

  • SQLite is swift. In my own testing, I have found it to be speedy. Some speed comparisons with MySQL and PostgreSQL are here.
  • SQLite is not a large database server, such as MySQL. You dont connect to the database. Using SQLite, you access a database file. Everything happens in-process.
  • SQLite is an ACID database. Supports transactions, triggers.
  • SQLite is public domain. Absolutely no licensing issues.
  • SQLite is typeless. Any type or length of data may be stored in a column, regardless of the declared type. This allows extreme flexibility and avoidance of type errors.
  • SQLite allows custom functions and aggregates. This is my favorite feature of SQLite, which we will explore shortly.


Google - Quo vadis?   25 Sep 04
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Interesting blurb what Google will do next.


  • Advertisement market has limits
  • the cash from the IPO is the emergecy fund to reinvent themselves
  • only buy small companies with interesting technology
  • take on Yahoo and Microsoft, but not directly
  • Amazon, ebay, etc. are there to lose .. The key to making money in search is to get between people and what they are searching for, and that’s where Google is on a collision course not only with Microsoft and Yahoo, but also with Amazon and eBay
  • expect GoogleMedia taking on iTunes and entire new market places of intellectual property
  • whatever Google will do will be incredibly technical


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