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Use google maps to study spy satellite calibration   18 Nov 11
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Fun reading:

GEMA, GEZ -- poor Germany   14 Nov 11
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There are many things wrong with Germany. Today we do not focus on high taxation, but two crazy monopolies: GEZ (you got to pay monthly fees to watch TV .. ha, ha) and GEMA making sure you pay for any music you here.

Here is a good story about GEMA:

Copyright Group Tries To Collect From Creative Commons Event

I especially like: "So even though GEMA probably does not have rights to any of the music, they are not required to prove that they do."

.. and GEZ you pay if you have a computer .. you don’t even have to watch the state propaganda channels.

Sick of Apple's stupid patents   26 Oct 11
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The patent system really needs reforming!

The original 9 to 5 article:

At least a Dutch judge considered Apple’s slide to unlock patent trivial and saw the prior art.

Global population hits 7 billion   25 Oct 11
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In 1804 we reached 1 billion.

Only 3% of the world’s population lived in cities in 1800; this proportion had risen to 47% by the end of the twentieth century, and reached 50.5% by 2010.

Agriculture is going to be superimportant. Jim Rogers has a point there.

Nassim Taleb interview on Bankers' salaries   21 Oct 11
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Nice interview on why too big to fail is bad and why the bonuses should get reduced. One-side risk is unfair!

Simplifi (SIFI) expanding into Europe   17 Oct 11
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We expanded into Europe :-).

UK house prices in gold   10 Sep 11
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One of our favourite charts shows the average U.K. house price in ounces of gold. Look at the latest version below. The simple fact is that the amount of gold that would have been a 20% down-payment in 2004 buys the whole house today.

Also, to read the latest MoneyWeek article on U.K. house prices by Dominic Frisby.

Trader Dan: Gold has bettered the all time high CLOSING price on an inflation adjusted basis.   01 Sep 11
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Gold has bettered the all time high CLOSING price on an inflation adjusted basis.

Good gold analysis by Richard Russell on KWN   01 Sep 11
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Carbon Recycling: mining the air for fuel   30 Aug 11
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The national geographic published an article giving background info on Carbon Sciences.


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