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Air France -- welcome in service hell!   09 Mar 07
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I fly more than 50,000 miles a year with Air France and I was never happy with Flying Blue. Long waiting queues in an automatic answering system and probably you don’t get what the premium flight you want in the first place.

Anyhow, my wife flew with AlItalia from Buenos Aires to Munich. As she forgot to show her flying blue card at checkin time we sent the original boarding passes to Air France. Surprise, surprise, they do not add the miles and also do not send back the original boarding passes. Of course I did not go so upset if that were the first time … the same happened to our miles from the flight to Colombia.

Oh well, we are all human, so I call flying blue and wait and wait in the queue only to hit a poor operator who can’t even pass me to his manager .. the system does not allow me. So, I call Air France directly to hear:

  "It's your choice whether you fly with Air France or not".

Isn’t that a nice statement? An for sure, it will be my choice. I will empty my frequent flyer miles and then good bye Air France! Airlines try to save money, but treating your customers like that is simply appalling! Why can’t one talk to a normal human being and release steam and find a solution that works for all parties?

I recommend you all to take your money where people treat you with respect!

13 Ways of looking at a ruby symbol   08 Mar 07
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Great post.

Blog on online advertisement   24 Feb 07
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Personifi is a Texas based startup that uses tons of statistics/maths to make the ad-market much better targeted. It’s a heavy ruby/C/R based shop. They are still pretty much in stealth mode, but they put up a blog.

They got zillions of interesting parallel computing and Bayesian maths problems. More to follow ..

One of the lessons I learnt sofar from this venture is that if you have enough data, you do not need to be too smart as things have nicely converged :-).

Rails conference in Berlin   24 Feb 07
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RailsConf Europe 2007: Call for Participation is Open

Sebastopol, CA, February 13, 2007—To meet the increasing demand for skill building, and to spread the joy of Rails, Ruby Central and O’Reilly Media are teaming up to produce RailsConf Europe 2007, an entire conference dedicated to Ruby on Rails. Happening September 17-19 in Berlin, Germany, RailsConf Europe will offer keynotes, sessions, and tutorials from the most innovative and successful Rails experts and organizations. O’Reilly Media and Ruby Central are seeking leaders to present sessions and tutorials at the conference. Qualified practitioners with insights and anecdotes to share with IT professionals and the Rails community are invited to submit a proposal by April 12, 2007.

The Ruby on Rails development framework turns three years old this summer, and in that short time, it has gone from cult favorite to major player in the Web development world. By every measure—feature richness, adoption, publications, developer reception—Rails is a phenomenon, and one that’s here to stay.

The conference committee is looking for presentations and/or tutorial proposals from Rails developers and hackers, Rubyists at large, Rails trainers, designers with a Rails focus, managers, entrepreneurs—anyone with Rails experience, expertise, and insight.

Proposals should focus on helping attendees by teaching from experience. Any Rails-related topic will be considered. Below are some specific areas the committee would like to see represented at the conference:

  • Timesaving developer productivity tips, tricks, and tools
  • Spotlights on important Rails subsystems
  • Making the most of new Rails features
  • Rails development case studies, including application rewrites and organizational boot-strapping
  • Migrating applications and people from other technologies to Rails
  • Gem and plug-in highlights
  • Patterns and best practices
  • Extending Rails

RailsConf Europe 2007 will bring together hundreds of Rails practitioners from Europe and around the world, for three days of presentations, tutorials, and Rails comradery. Last year’s event sold out completely and we are expecting an even greater number of participants in Berlin for RailsConf Europe 2007. Attendees will include Ruby and Rails enthusiasts, web developers and programmers from all sizes and types of organizations, open source developers and hackers, IT managers tracking emerging technologies, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, and users at every level of expertise.

For complete RailsConf Europe 2007 details, visit:

Age of cells in a human body   18 Feb 07
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If we could renew our cells .. we would stay young?

Interesting write up at

Great slides about the internals of google   16 Feb 07
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Highly recommended

Everyday Scripting with Ruby   11 Feb 07
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Brian Marick wrote this great book. Brian is a well known testing guru, but this books appeals to a much wider audience. Through a few simple scripts he teaches people how to code every day tasks in ruby.

It’s a short and easy read of nearly 300 pages and requires no previous ruby knowledge. If you already know ruby, this book is probably too slow, but if you come from any other language, it’s a great book.

htop - interactive process-viewer for linux   07 Feb 07
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Are you also sick of good old top? Especially if your tasks run for 20 days and more? You might want to have a look at htop.

Ceramics for Breakfast   04 Feb 07
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Designboom has a bunch of interesting ideas on design.

Dragons of Design   04 Feb 07
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David Buck compares software subsystems with dragons.

In the end, it’s better to avoid creating stubborn dragons in the first place and to slay them early if they start to turn bad. Young dragons are easier to slay than old ones. You may even slay several dragons before you are happy that you have one you can live with.

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