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Crossing the alps   18 Dec 05
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It’s always great to pass the Alps. Some shots taken during the recent flight to Rome.

Introduction to Refactoring Streamzine   18 Dec 05
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Net Objective’s latest stream-zine demonstrates refactorings and code-smells. Audio and slides.

Very good introductory material.

Ruby versus .. Perl5 versus XOTcl   18 Dec 05
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Thanks to Michael Schlenker we added a XOTcl column to our OO comparison table.

Extended Object Tcl (for short: XOTcl, pronounced exotickle) is an object-oriented scripting language based on MIT’s OTcl.

Interesting book sales news   09 Dec 05
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Ruby books are up over 1500% over last year, while Python books are up 20% (and Perl is down 3%).

Several interesting comments as well.

— thanks, -pate

Ruby and .Net Fitnesse Tutorials   09 Dec 05
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Hi All,

I’ve been working on some tutorials for getting Fitnesse up and running with some of the other runners. I’ve completed the tutorials for .NET (C#) and Ruby, and would love feedback on them.





Marrying Ferret and Rails   09 Dec 05
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Great wiki summary based on a rails mailing by Kaspar Weibel. It works on multiple Active Records.

Rails Cheat Sheet   09 Dec 05
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I found this cheat sheet. Unfortunately I do not know who the author is, but thanks to the anonymous author anyhow.

Why should egineers and scientists be worried about color?   06 Dec 05
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Highly recommended article for anybody who tries to visualise data. The misuse of excel and powerpoint leads to too many 3D pie diagrams :-(. Any student should read his Tufte.

Ten Wikipedia Hacks   06 Dec 05
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Some good tips on using wikipedia.

Ruport   05 Dec 05
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Ruport is currently a combination of a neat proof of concept with some useful little scripts and utils that are quickly becoming rather powerful. The aim is to be a very handy report generation framework and library which will support an insane amount of input sources (CSVs,Excel,any Database Ruby-DBI supports,various ORMS, anything you can hack away at with parse/input,etc) and then output in an insane amount of formats (PDF,XHTML,XML,CSV,Excel,RSS,etc,etc) while leveraging a powerful set of tools that will munge, organize, and beautify whatever it is you need to report on. It’s not nearly there yet, but it’s on it’s way.

Slightly more information available at the home page


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