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Good code   07 Jan 11
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A big thanks to Stefan for the great pic from

Videos for the 2010 rubyconf online   06 Jan 11
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Videos from Matz and many others .. enjoy :-)

Green tea is good for you   06 Jan 11
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It tastes well and it is good :-)

MacRuby book online   28 Dec 10
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An early release version of this book online.

Let's stop traitorware   27 Dec 10
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Let’s stop traitorware, while we still can.

LLVM videos online   27 Dec 10
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Bigmemory -- memory mapped files for R   21 Dec 10
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akka -- is impressive   21 Dec 10
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PGP/GnuPG/Open PGP Message Encryption in Javascript   21 Dec 10
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Pioneer One -- episode 2 ready for download   18 Dec 10
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Pioneer One released the second episode. What a great present for Christmas!


Hired Mars expert Dr. Zachary Walzer (Jack Haley) fights to prove the validity of the Mars story. Can he convince the government to mount a manned mission to Mars? Agent in charge Tom Taylor (James Rich) faces pressure from both the Canadians and his own superiors, and has to make a call.


Viewed over a million times and winner of ‘Best Drama’ at the 2010 NY Television Festival, Pioneer One relies entirely on viewer support for the release of new episodes. Join the Pioneer One Studio on VODO to help support the show and get exclusive behind-the-scenes content. This release takes place with the kind support of distribution partners BitTorrent and of course all our other partners in the Distribution Coalition.


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