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The cost of knowledge   27 Jan 12
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I really like the idea that knowlege should be free! Esp if it is founded with tax money!

Below is straight from the Tyler Neylon’s page:

Researchers taking a stand against Elsevier.

Academics have protested against Elsevier’s business practices for years with little effect. The main objections are these:

1 They charge exorbitantly high prices for their journals.

2 They sell journals in huge "bundles," so libraries must buy a large set with many unwanted journals, or none at all. Elsevier thus makes huge profits by exploiting their essential titles, at the expense of other journals.

3 They support measures such as SOPA, PIPA and the Research Works Act, that aim to restrict the free exchange of information.

If you would like to declare publicly that you will not support any Elsevier journal unless they radically change how they operate, then you can do so by filling in your details in the box below.

Murmurations   26 Jan 12
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Amazing nature spectacle:

As if all these birds form one bigger individual.

Pragmatic Hacker wanted   24 Jan 12
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Milliseconds Count

Our platform is a unique offering in the real time bidding space. We see billions of transactions per day and make decisions in real time on those transactions. The whole time we analyze and process gigabytes of data every hour. We live in a world where milliseconds count and where our revenue stream depends on how fast we make smart decisions. Little bits of machine learning, little bits of raw simplicity, and little bits of magic are what you’ll find here at

We’re a startup We’re called We’re a small team of entrepreneurs who are already making a large impact in the advertising industry. We play in the real time bidding space as a DSP (demand side platform) and are forging our way into the SSP (supply side platform) arena. We’re integrated with top industry partners and have a healthy revenue stream. We’ve been in business for a few years and have a great line of investment.

Who do we want? We want passionate people who own their projects and move forward at a fast pace. We love perfection and performance. From hackers to hired professionals, we are interested in anyone who can hold their own. Want to know more about our stack? Here’s a tidbit: Erlang, Ruby, C, C++, GPU, node.js, HTML/CSS/JS. But we’re open to new technologies that perform well and handle high load.

Want to join us? Send us your github account. Give us some code to tear apart. Share a story on how you make decisions about anonymous data within a few milliseconds or how you? You would store and process gigabytes of raw data about the web (think crawled pages and UA Strings).

Please email jake at simpli dot fi if interested.

Iceland from the plane   24 Jan 12
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Iceland did the right thing by defaulting.

The New Era Of Display: 5 Reasons Search Marketers Should Care   11 Jan 12
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Great article written by Frost Prioleau.

On ruby string performance   05 Jan 12
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Ruby Hacking Guide   05 Jan 12
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The RHG is a book that explains how the ruby interpreter (the official C implementation of the Ruby language) works internally.

To fully understand it, you need a good knowledge of C and Ruby. The original book includes a Ruby tutorial (chapter 1), but it has not been translated yet, and we think there are more important chapters to translate first. So if you have not done it yet, you should read a book like the Pickaxe firs

CryptDB   02 Jan 12
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A DB operating on encrypted data. Awesome. Thanks to trivium for digging out these gems.

Reinstall all gems   19 Dec 11
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Thanks to Jake Good for the useful one-liner:
 sudo gem list | grep -v "*** LOCAL GEMS ***" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -n1 sudo gem pristine

A story about 'magic'   03 Dec 11
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> hi Stefan, any idea why ccp91 went on vacation?

Just a bunch of zero bytes in the log right before the usual reboot messages. Maybe somebody flipped the magic switch …


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