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What every developer should know about memory   02 Feb 09
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worth reading

Wikianswers   02 Feb 09
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Jimmy Wales, the founder of wikipedia launched wikianswers[].

Gold is shifting from West to East - along with the balance of power   21 Jan 09
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Good article by Dominic Frisby

MoneyWeek article on gold   07 Jan 09
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Dominic Frisby wrote a great article using Tom’s latest gold charts.

Euruko 2009: Barcelona, May 9-10   11 Dec 08
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See you all in Barcelona!

Mindset   30 Nov 08
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There is some hope .. after all on the green front. Maybe the big and established car companies get some inspiration from this, or from the good old Tesla. I would probably buy one.

A big thanks to Michael for the link.

energy from ocean currents   30 Nov 08
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Very very good article.

This, combined with simple solarthermal power generation is the future.

Task boundaries using a classifier   26 Nov 08
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Also worth reading:

Near duplicate detection   26 Nov 08
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Clever. Recommended reading.

New forum for Latinos living around lake Starnberg   25 Nov 08
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La idea es juntar a todos los latinoamericanos y personas de habla hispana que vivan en la zona de Starnberger See y alrededores y tengan ganas de compartir experiencias con otros hermanos.


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