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GPUs coming to a hosting facility near you   13 Sep 10
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When we last looked for it was quite a challenge to get decent tesla cards in dedicated hosting centers. This problem is solved and we can do magic now :-).

Jim Rickards - Treasury Bills: The New Opium   09 Sep 10
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Self-assembling photovoltaic technology that repairs itself   08 Sep 10
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Free book on Node_js   08 Sep 10
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Node.js JS on the Server (google tech talk)   06 Sep 10
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Ryan Dahl, the author of Node.js explains his latest baby.

Great interviews on Kingworldnews   06 Sep 10
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As always Eric King offers an awesome service. Check out this broadcast section.

Faster Date/DateTime   27 Aug 10
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home_run is an implementation of ruby’s Date/DateTime classes in C, with much better performance (20-200x) than the version in the standard library, while being almost completely compatible.

Fortune gets it wrong on gold   25 Aug 10
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Fortune is claiming that gold is in a bubble? We don’t think so.

Duplicity -- great backup tool for linux and os x   04 Aug 10
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highly recommended

Abstracts and Slides from userR! 2010   01 Aug 10
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Complete list of abstracts and slides

Some videos:

From Google-protobuffers, to extreme values to direct marketing data to soecial networking to large parallel problems, etc. ..

As usual the R-Journal (Volume 2/1, June 2010), has some good stuff, too.


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