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Fun with Spotlight   01 Mar 06
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Thank to Sven C. Koehler for the following scripts. He uses spotlight to datamine the Enron email data :-).

# convertEnronEmail

 #!/usr/bin/perl -0p
 ($date) = /^(Date: [^\n]+)/sm;
 ($from) = /^From:\s*([^\n]+)/sm;
 print "From $from @{[scalar localtime]}\n";


 #! /bin/sh
 mdfind "kMDItemTextContent == '${1+"$@"}'" | grep /enron/


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs grep ${1+"$@"}


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs -n+1 convertEnronEmail


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs cat

Active RBAC   28 Feb 06
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ActiveRBAC is a library for Ruby On Rails that provides a full stack for managing users and permissions. It runs as a Rails Engine and can be set up within minutes for your existing Rails projects.

Timesummer - a simple RoR timesheet   24 Feb 06
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Timesummer is a simple timekeeping application. It was written to make our life as a single remote cowboy programmer easier. The client did not only want working code, but also reports how time was spent. As keeping an excel list or a simple text-file is too much work, we wrote this tiny application.

Getting started:

  • Get a free account.
  • You book your time on accounts. So setup tasks (accounts)

The general structure is client.project.task. The client might be IBM, the project might be XRT and the task might be design. Then you can add t asks like IBM.XRT.testing, which would mean a testing task.

This client.project.task structure has the advantage that it makes it easier to run more complex reports on the data. How much data we do for client X? How much did we do on project Y?

Here we create the client BMW with project RoR and task design. If the client already exists, only the project and the task are created. If the client and the project exist, only the task gets created.

You can add tasks only to existing client.project.task combinations, but by entering IBM.XRT.testing, you automatically create the client IBM, the project XRT and the task testing if they did not exist before.

Starting/Stopping task

Enough! Some people got work todo! OK, it’s as simple as a cd-player. Press the start and stop button.

Task not running

Task running

This client.project.task structure has the advantage that it makes it easier to run more complex reports on the data. How much data we do for client X? How much did we do on project Y?

Enjoy timesummer, and please use the forms on the site to send us feedback.

ANN Ruby GetText-Package-1.2.0   24 Feb 06
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Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0 is now available.
 Changes for RoR
 * Works with rjs templates.
 * Add methods to change the error message dialog(?) title/explanation.
 * Bugfixes.
 * Added GetText.Nn_().

View rendered source chart -- Firefox extension   23 Feb 06
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Jennifer Madden has released an amazing firefox extension:
  • Creates a Colorful Chart of a Webpage’s Rendered Source Code
  • Displays Source in its Altered State After the DOM has been Manipulated by JavaScript

Source charting …

  • Clearly Defines Nested Containers
  • Easy Way to Identify Structure and Hierarchy
  • Great Visual Aid Tool for Learning Environments
  • Intuitive and Efficient Way to Analize Source
  • Dramatically Enhances Your Debugging Capability

Book Review: Math You Can't Use   22 Feb 06
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A new book showing the madness of patents. Don’t forget that Fourier transformations are patented .. even though they were invented ny Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier living 1768-1830.

Prototype cheatsheet   20 Feb 06
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Jonathan Snook has posted some nice cheat sheets/desktop backgrounds on Prototype 1.5.0_pre0.

ANN Switchtower 1.0   19 Feb 06
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SwitchTower is a utility that can execute commands in parallel on multiple servers. It allows you to define tasks, which can include commands that are executed on the servers. You can also define roles for your servers, and then specify that certain tasks apply only to certain roles.




Install: gem install switchtower

SwitchTower 1.0 fixes several bugs and adds many new features.

Using Selenium to test asynchronous calls   19 Feb 06
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Great read
 >Luckily, Selenium has a feature that is horribly documented: waitForValue,
 >which you can use in the test case directly, and waitForCondition,
 >callable in a JavaScript-based extension. Using a combination of these,
 >you can make your Ajax call and wait for any condition that should happen,
 >such as the DOM changing or values updating.

RoR workshop, Muenchen, April 12-14   17 Feb 06
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DE: Erfahrene Webentwickler erklaeren Ihnen in drei Tagen alles ueber Ruby on Rails. Bringen Sie einen Laptop mit und sammeln Sie unter Anleitung sofort Erfolgserlebnisse. Registriert schnell, denn wir haben nur 20 Plaetze bei 5 Trainern.

EN: In 3 intensive days, experienced web developers will teach you everything you need to know about Ruby On Rails. Bring your laptop along, and with guidance you will quickly enjoy the experience of super-productive web application development. Only 20 places are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.


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