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Bad Apple   31 Jul 09
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A good reason against buying an iphone.

Got to go back to running xfce on linux :-) and probably buy an android phone.

Paul Graham: Maker's schedule, Manager's schedule   31 Jul 09
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Good article why these meetings destroy a programmer’s productivity.

Gold charts updated   31 Jul 09
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Tom udpated the gold charts

Gold charts updated   28 Jul 09
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Tom udpated the gold charts.

Youtube: don't show me the candy bar I won't get   26 Jul 09
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Don’t you hate it when they show you interesting movies and when you want to see it you are not allowed to?

How difficult can it be to filter that kind of info out beforehand?

How to use Gmail or Yahoo web mail for mailto links   23 Jul 09
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If you are like me that you don’t want to use Apple Mail, nor install any other mailer. Oh well Claws is pretty decent, Thunderbird ok, too .. but sometimes a good old webmail account is handy, too :-).

Martin Armstrong: The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy -- the real dark pool   21 Jul 09
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Enjoy :-)

Interview from mysites developer Sven C. Koehler on distributed development   20 Jul 09
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MySites is the breed of startup where the entire team is spread all over Europe.

What’s your experience with distributed development?

  Compared to team work in an office, working together over the Internet
  tends to be more loose, as people work on different schedules--It gives
  individual developers more freedom (work-life balance) and responsibility
  but also demands more self motivation and for managers it's harder to
  monitor progress.

What is your advice for distributed development teams?

  1. Work only with people that you can trust.
  2. Put your all your development computers on a hoster so they are
  directly accessible from the Internet.  This makes maintaining build
  environments much easier.  (For security reasons you should use ssh with
  private keys when accessing those computers.)  Make your computers
  clonable, so it's easy to give them a build environment when new
  developers join a team.

  3. Design the architecture of your software so that people can be the
  most productive without needing to wait for other developers.  (eg on
  MySites we separated the data aggregation and the GUI so that they are
  completely separate, data aggregation happens in Ruby and GUI
  representation is done in JavaScript)

  4. Use an encrypted platform like Skype for chatting and instead of doing
  phone calls

  5. Use 'screen -x' when working together with individual developers on
  their build environment.

Utility to configure Google Calendar as CalDAV calendars in iCal   18 Jul 09
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Simple and works. Events get propagated from iCal to google calendar and vice versa.

Samparkour reveals the city of Sao Paulo   26 Jun 09
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amazing short


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