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Ramine Darabiha: is the Internet making us stupid?   01 Dec 10
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Ramine’s ted talk: Ramine is founder of and he speaks about extended mind and outsourcing your memory.

Please don’t ask my why the video is not hosted on mysites :-)

Gold nanoparticles could transform trees into street light   11 Nov 10
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amazing :-)

The mother of all velocity explosions   29 Oct 10
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To return to Gordon Gekko: money never sleeps, but sometimes it may have a rest. We think money velocity has had a rest for the last ten years or so. But gold signals that something big may be afoot. If this was true, and gold literally was the canary in the coal mine here, then we could see the mother of all velocity spikes in the years to come. As for the inflation vs. deflation debate, if this was to happen, there would be no discussion no more.

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Chart of the month: Watch out for inflation   22 Oct 10
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"Watch out for inflation." This chart needs almost no comment. What you see is the annual growth rate in the price of gold compared to the annual CPI rate in the U.S.

Bosten Jquery slides   20 Oct 10
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Thanks to Brandon for the link:

GPUs coming to a hosting facility near you   13 Sep 10
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When we last looked for it was quite a challenge to get decent tesla cards in dedicated hosting centers. This problem is solved and we can do magic now :-).

Jim Rickards - Treasury Bills: The New Opium   09 Sep 10
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Self-assembling photovoltaic technology that repairs itself   08 Sep 10
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Free book on Node_js   08 Sep 10
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Node.js JS on the Server (google tech talk)   06 Sep 10
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Ryan Dahl, the author of Node.js explains his latest baby.


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