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The art of R programming   27 Nov 11
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free R book

Bringing 64 bit to R   27 Nov 11
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Venezuela's gold is coming home   27 Nov 11
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Venezuel’a gold came from European countries. Would the US let the Europeans ship their gold back to Europe?

Russia adding nearly 20 tones of gold reserves in October alone   25 Nov 11
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Currency wars by Jim Rickards is a great book that explains why this matters.,,9781591844495,00.html

Happy Thanksgiving!   23 Nov 11
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Good Kingworldnews Interviews   23 Nov 11
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As always, worth listening to:

Financialsense is also a good resource:

I especially recommend: Stephen Leeb ("red alert")

Martin Armstrong papers   23 Nov 11
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Highly recommended, but like everything take with a grain of salt.

Ad blending   23 Nov 11
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Thanks to Sven C. Koehler for the link. Creatives do matter.

The end game -- German bond auction failed   23 Nov 11
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German Auction ‘Disaster’ Stirs Crisis Concern … Germany failed to get bids for 35 percent of the 10-year bonds offered for sale today, sending its borrowing costs higher and the euro lower on concern that Europe‚Äôs debt crisis is driving investors away from the region.

Nice thread on Green energy investors

Use google maps to study spy satellite calibration   18 Nov 11
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Fun reading:


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