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Gnome's Guide to WEBrick   25 Sep 04
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Yohanes Santoso posted this guide to the ruby-ML.
 After labouring over the weekend, I am happy to present the first
 version of Gnome's Guide to WEBrick:

 The guide is more of a reference-type documentation rather than
 tutorial. I believe that WEBrick is straightforward enough for someone
 to grasp its idea. At that point, a tutorial would be of lesser use
 than a reference.

 Being the first release, I am aware that there are many mistakes:
 spelling, grammar (not native English-speaker), obtuse example, etc. I
 am also aware that there are missing sections. Some of the missing
 sections are listed in the 'NOT YETs' section. If you think there are
 other topics I missed, please inform me.

ri bug in latest ruby 1.8.2 source   25 Sep 04
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James Britt came to rescue:
 I grabbed the latest 1.8.2 source.
 I ran the usual: autoconf, configure, make, make install.
 ri failed.
 I looked inside Makefile and see the target install-doc.
 I ran make install-doc.
 ri worked.

 Not the most obvious path for me, but there you go

ANN: Madeleine 0.7   25 Sep 04
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  "Are you still using a database?"

    Madeleine is a Ruby implementation of Object Prevalence:
    Transparent persistence of business objects using command
    logging and snapshots.


          Just figured it was a good time to release all the good stuff I and
          Stephen Sykes have been preparing in the Madeleine CVS. YAML marshalling
          and snapshot compression should be the highlights for our existing

          Madeleine 0.7 (July 23, 2004):

         * Broken clock unit test on win32 fixed.
         * AutomaticSnapshotMadeleine detects snapshot format on recovery
         * Snapshot compression with Madeleine::ZMarshal
         * YAML snapshots supported for automatic commands
         * SOAP snapshots supported for automatic commands
         * Read-only methods for automatic commands

        If you're planning to use either YAML or SOAP marshalling, beware that
        there are objects and classes that Ruby's own Marshal can handle but
        these can't. You will have to try for yourself if your application
        works, both to make a snapshot and to read it back, with the marshaller
        you want to use.



A good marketing beer add: "The ideal wife"   25 Sep 04
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A friend sent me this funny beer ad this morning. It is not politically correct, but enjoy it.

more ads

Team is an anagram for meat   25 Sep 04
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Make sure you check out today’s userfriendly.

If uncertain about the dress code, also enjoy today’s Dilbert

What’s a day without Dilbert and UF?

World's largest truck   25 Sep 04
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Just in case you do not know what to buy me as my next birthday present .. I saw this monster on Gizmodo.

Tristan: Schwimmen und Schweigen!   25 Sep 04
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I came across this on why the lucky stiff’s blog.

 georg nussbaumer
 Tristan: Schwimmen und Schweigen!
 piano, mezzo soprano, tuba, bass drum, cymbals, 4 video screens,
 location:  indoor swimming pool (swimming audience (optional))

New blog: Alexander's Weblog: The world and beyond   25 Sep 04
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There is a new blog about economics, the world, politics and other interesting real life stuff. Written by a German working in Bangkok. link

Aplus Language   25 Sep 04
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A+ is a descendant of APL (AplLanguage) and a predecessor of K (KayLanguage). Arthur Whitney developed A+ in the late ‘80s in response to employer Morgan Stanley’s need to move their APL applications from mainframes to Sun workstations. He later left Morgan Stanley and wrote K.

A+ is open source. link

Beat Takeshi   25 Sep 04
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If you want to relax after too much work .. and are sick of the normal Hollywood movies, check out Beat Takeshi.

Excellent page about Beat Takeshi.

Takeshi Kitano on the question: What’s you’re coolest moment?

 "In Japan, there is a broadcasting station called NHK,
  like BBC, but much, much stricter. When I was a rising
  star in comedy I appeared on a live program, and the director specifically
  said you can't say such-and-such, if you use these words you'll
  be finished. So of course I couldn't resist. I said 'shit'
  12 times in a row. I said, 'I saw a shit-like substance on the street.
  So I went over and I picked it up and smelled it, and it smelled like
  shit. Then I felt it and it felt like shit, and I liked it, and
  it tasted like shit, so I put it away. Thank god I didn't step in it!'
  That was my coolest moment, because it was a tremendous risk. They could have
  cut me off but they didn't. The director was fired and the producer was moved
  to another program, far away from Tokyo."


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