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RoR workshop, Muenchen, April 12-14   17 Feb 06
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DE: Erfahrene Webentwickler erklaeren Ihnen in drei Tagen alles ueber Ruby on Rails. Bringen Sie einen Laptop mit und sammeln Sie unter Anleitung sofort Erfolgserlebnisse. Registriert schnell, denn wir haben nur 20 Plaetze bei 5 Trainern.

EN: In 3 intensive days, experienced web developers will teach you everything you need to know about Ruby On Rails. Bring your laptop along, and with guidance you will quickly enjoy the experience of super-productive web application development. Only 20 places are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet   16 Feb 06
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Debugging RJS   16 Feb 06
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I really love RJS, but sometimes it is great to see the generated Javascript. This blog entry by Lukemedia helps.

The Common Lisp Directory release 2 is online   13 Feb 06
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The Common Lisp Directory release 2 is here: It’s powered by LWL 4.4.6 on a Debian server.

Multilingual applications with RoR   12 Feb 06
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Globalize is a Ruby on Rails plugin designed to support multilingual applications. It’s under the MIT License, same as Ruby on Rails.

Globalize implements three basic types of translation:

  • Dates, currencies, etc: language dependant, but also (often) country/locale dependant. This feature provides convenient methods for relevant data types.
  • Content in the database, for specific fields in specific tables: once the translates method is added to the relevant model, the fields indicated with that method call gain the ability to have translated content sitting in the database. An operator (possibly the developer) will need to add these translated texts.
  • Arbitrary strings: any string that you would like, with added flexiblity for including parameters (for example: one in the singular form of a phrase and an actual number for the plural form)

Using these three mechanisms, all user-facing content ought to be translatable.

Gooogle Earth podcast   11 Feb 06
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Podcasts explainaing Google Earth.

RJS Templates   09 Feb 06
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It turns out that RJS templates are a new form of template, called JavascriptGeneratorTemplates, and end with a .rjs file extension.

Nice intro.

Note: Make sure you work with the latest rails version

 rake freeze_edge

Rails Migration cheat sheet   06 Feb 06
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Useful cheat sheet[]. Using migration allows less independence on the DB used. Yes, my friends and I can’t agree on which DB to use.

DE: Podcast: Rapid WebDevelopment mit RoR   06 Feb 06
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Nach langerer Sendepause geht’s weiter: Heute mit Thomas Baustert und Ralf Wirdemann uber Ruby on Rails und ihr Buch Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails.

Download des Podcasts wie immer unter:

Viel Spas!


Making dependent select boxes   03 Feb 06
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Adam Hegedus has a nice blogentry explaining how to make ajax select boxes.


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