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Code Snippets: ruby on rails   13 Nov 05
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Some useful Ruby on rails snippets.

Session Container Performance   13 Nov 05
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I came by accident across this interesting study by ScottBarron.

The Ruby on Rails application framework provides several options for storing session data. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages which may not be readily apparent. The tests outlined in this document attempt to lay some groundwork which should help when determining which storage container is most suitable for your application.

I highly recommend reading it!

Getting your RSS feed into google/ig   12 Nov 05
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I like Google’s new personalized startpage. Adding your own data feeds via RSS is very simple.

Simply click on the top-left on Add Content.

Then click on "Create a Section" and add the right feed. For this blog:

and for Futurometer:

Now it will show up. Thanks to Ajax you can move the sections around with the mouse. Enjoy it!

Stefan added the red markings used inkscape an open source scalable vector graphics editor.

Adium: instant messaging   12 Nov 05
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Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more

After some searching and experimentation I recommend Adium on os X. On Linux I prefer gaim. Adium uses libgaim.

Screenshots on OS X   12 Nov 05
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In a nutshell:
  • the entire screen: Command-Shift-3
  • region of the screen: Command-Shift-4; Then click and drag the cursor to mark the area you want to capture.

The files are normally saved as Picture-* on the Desktop.

Further reading: MacDevCenter about more fancy capturing using timers, etc.

Paul Graham: The Venture Capital Squeeze   10 Nov 05
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Once again a good read. Paul Graham mentions Rails as an example of being 10 times more productive and not having to outsource :-).

In the next few years, venture capital funds will find themselves squeezed from four directions. They’re already stuck with a seller’s market, because of the huge amounts they raised at the end of the Bubble and still haven’t invested. This by itself is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s just a more extreme version of the norm in the VC business: too much money chasing too few deals.

Unfortunately, those few deals now want less and less money, because it’s getting so cheap to start a startup. The four causes: open source, which makes software free; Moore’s law, which makes hardware geometrically closer to free; the Web, which makes promotion free if you’re good; and better languages, which make development a lot cheaper.

Seth Godin: Understanding Local Max   10 Nov 05
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Set Godin has an interesting blog entry explaining that one has to give up a local max one has reached in his career to reach even higher goals, even though at first one is losing ground.

To get from the local max to the big max one has to have the guts to go through the pain of point C.

GoboLinux   09 Nov 05
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GoboLinux is an alternative Linux distribution which redefines the entire filesystem hierarchy.

GoboLinux is a Linux distribution that breaks with the historical Unix directory hierarchy. Basically, this means that there are no directories such as /usr and /etc. The main idea of the alternative hierarchy is to store all files belonging to an application in its own separate subtree; therefore we have directories such as /Programs/GCC/2.95.3/lib.

To allow the system to find these files, they are logically grouped in directories such as /System/Links/Executables, which, you guessed it, contains symbolic links to all executable files inside the Programs hierarchy.

To maintain backwards compatibility with traditional Unix/Linux apps, there are symbolic links that mimic the Unix tree, such as "/usr/bin -> /System/Links/Executables", and "/sbin -> /System/Links/Executables" (this example shows that arbitrary differentiations between files of the same category were also removed).

No smoking please!   08 Nov 05
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Smoking people in restaurants can really be annoying. Europe still has a long way to go till its people nolonger kill each others with the smoke.

They smoke and nobody cares whether an allergic or asthmatic person is near. They do not even have mercy to their own babies!

Berlin was a good surprise sofar. Some of the biggest restaurants offer non smoking areas. Today at the Reichstag they had these nice logos plastered on the way to roof.

Does that sound familiar?   04 Nov 05
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George who?
 Road Engine

 Patent No. 549,160

 Inventor: George Selden, Rochester, New York

 Issued: November 5, 1895

This patent represents a forgotten episode in the history of the automobile. The question of who invented the motor car is an open one - Ford, Daimler, Duryea, Cugnot all lay claim to the title of "Father of the Automobile" - but you will seldom hear the name of patent attorney George Selden of Rochester, New York, mentioned.

Selden squeezed the fledgling industry for royalties on every car produced until he was stopped. Who stopped him? Henry Ford. How? A court patent fight that made newspaper headlines nationwide. The outcome hinged on a curious court interpretation. The result was the greatest boon to industrial production the world had ever seen — the US automobile industry.

Note: This patent has a witnessing signature by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak.

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