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Ruby on a mission critical web application   03 Nov 04
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Ruby and mysql.

Wee -- another Web Framework   29 Oct 04
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(Source: Michael Neumann) Wee is another "Web Framework". My concentration was to get the core right and light. It includes features from Seaside2, Iowa and Borges.

Note, that it’s in no way complete, nor usable for anything other than toy examples (due to very little code, it’s probably stable, but especially with the Html-generation stuff, there might be problems).

You can download the sources directly from viewcvs here:

There are no dependencies. To get started change into the examples directory and run example.rb, then point your browser to localhost:2000/app/ and have fun, or play with it online here:

You can find some documentation on my blog.

Any comments, bug fixes etc. very welcome!

Many thanks goes to Avi Bryant, who guided me into the right direction by answering a lot of question. Thanks!

Eminem Mosh video online   29 Oct 04
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I really wonder what impact this might have on the US-elections. Videomirror

The joy of Plaintext   28 Oct 04
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(Source: winterspeak) A big thanks to Mark for the link.

Microsoft hates the fact that email is in plaintext. My Outlook Express client is buggy when it comes to handling the simplest of all tasks: receiving and responding to a text email. I’ve fiddled with all the internal settings, trying to get it to convert HTML mail to text, responding in text, and including all these simple plaintext protocols like adding ">" to quoted parts of an email I’m responding to. But my Outlook still insists on having things pop-up in tiny, colored fonts that are impossible to read, and then not tagging quoted text. In this environment, emails quickly bloat and become incoherent.

GC and Extensions   26 Oct 04
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Tim Suth posted this interesting stuff on Rubygarden

I found that I needed to know more about Ruby’s garbage collector in order to write robust extensions. This page is an attempt to fill this gap. It assumes the reader has some knowledge of Ruby’s C API, for example they have read the introduction in Programming ruby.

ix in english   25 Oct 04
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ix is not an OS, but one of the best German computer magazines. You can download a free sample version online:

It’s a test-balloon. Maybe they will sell it as online pdfs in the future.

Truncating floats   23 Oct 04
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I needed to cut off floats after n digits (no rounding).
  class Float
    def truncate(sd=2)
      (self * scale).to_i / scale
  a.truncate(2) #-> 0.25

Europe at night   23 Oct 04
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Very nice picture. Belgium has the lightest sky, as they have lights on their highways. Germany is only on Nr. 4.

EasyHotel: London for 5 pounds a night   14 Oct 04
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Wired Story


They copied the idea from Japan.

Business application building with Ruby   11 Oct 04
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Kirk posted this to the ML.
 I do this regularly, though most of the work so far has tended to be much
 more centric on web based applications.

 >> 1. A database
 >>     Java world: Oracle, MySQL or another relational DB of your choice


 >> 2. Some way to persist domain objects and manage transactions
 >>     Java world: entity EJBs, JDO, hand-coded DAOs, O/R <censored>
 >> mappers, etc

 Kansas has been maturing wonderfully for my purposes for this.

 >> 3. An RPC (remote procedure call) mechanism for communication between
 >> the front-end and the back-end (assuming that the front-end is a
 >> thick GUI).         Java world: session EJBs, servlets

 drb.  Works great.

 >> 4. A thick GUI
 >>     Java world: Swing

 TK, Qt, Fox

 >> 5. A Web GUI
 >>     Java world: JSP, XSLT, XMLC and all the other stuff

 I've use Iowa very successfully for this every day for a couple of years.

 >> 6. An asynchronous communications infrastructure
 >>     Java world: message-driven EJBs

 I am using Drb/Rinda/Tupleserver pretty effectively for this.  No problems
 with it at all so far.



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