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On ruby string performance   05 Jan 12
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Ruby Hacking Guide   05 Jan 12
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The RHG is a book that explains how the ruby interpreter (the official C implementation of the Ruby language) works internally.

To fully understand it, you need a good knowledge of C and Ruby. The original book includes a Ruby tutorial (chapter 1), but it has not been translated yet, and we think there are more important chapters to translate first. So if you have not done it yet, you should read a book like the Pickaxe firs

CryptDB   02 Jan 12
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A DB operating on encrypted data. Awesome. Thanks to trivium for digging out these gems.

Reinstall all gems   19 Dec 11
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Thanks to Jake Good for the useful one-liner:
 sudo gem list | grep -v "*** LOCAL GEMS ***" | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -n1 sudo gem pristine

A story about 'magic'   03 Dec 11
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> hi Stefan, any idea why ccp91 went on vacation?

Just a bunch of zero bytes in the log right before the usual reboot messages. Maybe somebody flipped the magic switch …

MineSnooper   01 Dec 11
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Interesting website on mining research. I wish they covered most of the juniors I monitor.

James Moore interview   30 Nov 11
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Great interview from James Moore in Remarketing weekly. For all that finally want to get what Sifi does.


We want a sound government   28 Nov 11
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  • sound money backed by gold and or silver
  • focus on education
  • focus on entrepreneurships; no too big to fail
  • simple low flat tax (5 to 10%), no deductions; or small consumption tax
  • Government as small as possible
  • Manhattan based projects
    • raw materials (you need it for most things .. esp cleaner energy)
    • energy
    • ..
  • Excellence matters
  • Willingness to rebuild new industries (very expensive)

Western world, wake up and do something!

Alf Field's keynote speech at Sydney Gold Symposium 14-15 November 2011   27 Nov 11
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Alf Field is one of the best market timers when it comes to gold. see also

Mel Gorman article on huge pages   27 Nov 11
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Highly recommended


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