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Using SVG in Borges   25 Sep 04
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Interesting blog-entry on naseby + ruby + stuff. link

RubyGems, the apt-get for ruby   25 Sep 04
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Why do I love Debian? Coz of the package management system. Now Ruby has the same nice feature, called RubyGems


ruby install.rb
See what is available:
gem --remote --list
Search for the string Doom in descriptions:
gem --remote --search Doom
Install progressbar:
gem --remote --install progressbar

Now relax, have a good milkshake in the sun. A big big thanks to the developers: Rich Kilmer, Chad Fowler, David Black, Paul Brannan, Jim Weirch, Curt Hibbs, Gavin Sinclair, etc.

Interesting Ruby page: semantics & semiotics; code manufacture   25 Sep 04
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Some very interesting ruby stuff:

  • Artificial Neural Networks: Implemented a multilayer backpropagating artificial neural network using a momentum term and optionally a weight decay term.
  • Borges mod_ruby Integration: I have managed to get Borges running using mod_ruby. I will produce a library ready version of that and check it in the Borges project.
  • and much more
  • link

Managing Complexity: Keeping a Large Java Project on Track   25 Sep 04
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(Source O’Reilly) Using Ruby for hourly builds.

Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby   25 Sep 04
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(Source: whytheluckystiff) The (Poignant) Guide is a new approach to teaching Ruby, emphasizing the lingual traits of Ruby and illustrating its uniqueness with comics, visual imagery, and songs with accompanying hand gestures.

This date marks the release of the first three chapters. Feel free to tell your friends and family (a.k.a. Slashdot) about the news. With enough input and support, this book could see completion by next year. Hopefully this is a step towards explaining to the world why Ruby is such an enticing and voluptuous gem to behold.

Go and enjoy the book

Okay, I’ll keep this short. If you want to read more about my motivation, head over to the announcement on my site. motivation

[ANN] linalg-0.3.2 -- Ruby Linear Algebra Library   25 Sep 04
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From the README:

Major features:

  • Cholesky decomposition
  • LU decomposition
  • QR decomposition
  • Schur decomposition
  • Singular value decomposition
  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a general matrix
  • Minimization by least squares
  • Linear equation solving
  • Stand-alone LAPACK bindings: call any LAPACK routine from directly from ruby.

Good ruby documentation   25 Sep 04
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Just in case you have not seen this for 1.9

Getting Started With ExeRb   25 Sep 04
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(Source: Rubygarden) Exerb is one way how to generate .exe from Ruby scripts.

What's Shiny and New in Ruby 1.8.0?   25 Sep 04
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why has produced a must_read summary about new features in Ruby 1.8.0.

Rake 0.40. is out   25 Sep 04
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Rake is a make-like utility written entirely in Ruby. It allows to you specify build target and actions, with the action being standard Ruby code.

You can get Rake from rubyforge. If you have rubygems installed, then all you need to do is

  gem -i rake

If you have a very recent version of rubygems (i.e. from CVS), then the gen-rdoc option finally produces a decent rendition of the Rake documentation locally.



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