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Rack talk by Christian Neukirchen   06 Dec 07
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We use rack at personifi. Highly recommended simple elegant and fast!

Developing general web frameworks and frameworkless web applications is difficult because lots of different ways to connect to web servers need to be implemented. Since Ruby is popular for writing web applications, we try to address this problem by proposing a lightweight abstraction mapping HTTP requests onto a simple Ruby API. This makes it possible to combine all kinds of web servers with different web applications without further change. Furthermore, our solution enables new functionality by combining and composing web applications, as well as better testability. Talk given at the European Ruby Conference (Euruko) 2007.



Dryad talk   16 Nov 07
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Dryad is the Microsoft copy from map-reduce.

Seuss technical writing   28 Sep 07
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Yoko Kanno piano solo cowboy bebop   16 Sep 07
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Enjoy :-)

Euruko: 5th European ruby conference, Vienna, Nov 10-11   12 Sep 07
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I am very happy to announce Euruko 2007 in Vienna. A big thanks to Vienna university that gave us rooms for free! I wish the German universities would do that, too.

Please add yourself to the wiki. The pages are still not yet updated:

See you all here!

The original announcement by Stephan Kaemper

 Hi all,

 after a few weeks of struggling to find a location we finally found a
 place. In fact we also found a new date.
 Sorry for any inconveniences all this back and forth may have caused.

 Euruko 2007 will be located in Vienna, Austia on Saturday & Sunday
 10th and 11th November 2007.

 As before this will also be announced at
 as well as the Euruko wiki (which we're using  this year, too). The wiki
 is at

 If you're planning to attend or to give a presentation, please use
 the wiki to register and announce your presentation.

 See you in Vienna - or may be in Berlin next week


Hal Fulton on the Future of Ruby   09 Sep 07
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Slides of Hal Fulton’s talk in Austin. Nice pics :-)

Amazing photo from Cairo   03 Sep 07
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Found via digg on flickr. One can see the pyramids in the background.

the link:

Oh yeah :-).   03 Sep 07
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.. on the crazyness of the Microsoft WGA anti-piracy scheme.

Ferret, utf-8   02 Sep 07
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Ben Krause posted this to ferret-talk.
 ENV['LC_CTYPE'] = 'en_US.UTF-8'
 Ferret.locale = "en_US.UTF-8"


 searching for utf-8 works great, i've indexed characters
 in german, english, asian languages, hebrew and other..

Got   29 Aug 07
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Thanks to Hal for passing this useful link:

It’s one of the few links that made it into the expensive real estate of my browser toolbar.


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