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Thin -- a fast and simple ruby webserver   28 Feb 08
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I have not yet used it in production, but heard good things.

The pulse of uncertainty   27 Feb 08
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Very nice graph, well done!

Gold - towards the danger zone?   24 Feb 08
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Tom updated his analysis

Vido of matz speaking at Google on ruby 1.9, Feb 20, 2008   24 Feb 08
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Erlang Cookbook   13 Feb 08
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The Erlang Cookbook is designed to be a good starting point for learning about the language, the OTP platform, and fault tolerant programming. This book was started as a way for me to document what I learned about the Erlang programming language, best practices gleaned from reading the newsgroups and mailing lists, and tips and tricks from the helpful developers and scientists using Erlang.

I modeled this book on the nearly-completed Scheme Cookbook that I was fortunate enough to have been part of developing.

This book (and the Scheme Cookbook itself) could not have been created without the excellent templating system Anton van Straaten developed for the Scheme Cookbook.

— BrentAFulgham - 20 Aug 2004

Gold: updated technical analysis   12 Feb 08
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Tom updated his analysis.

Sex sells ..   12 Feb 08
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Surprise, surprise .. :-). Men buy the DSL connections :-).

Took this picture in Hamburg at Hansenet (alice, Telekom Italia).

The model is Vanessa Hessler and she is playing in the latest Asterix movie.

Arc released   03 Feb 08
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Paul Graham released the first version of arc a new Lisp dialect.

Gold, gold, gold ..   01 Feb 08
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As most of you know at the moment we are very bullish on gold.

Tom, Gold-Tom has decided to put some of his graphs online that he updates very frequently. Check it out

Tom even thinks that a $1,000 gold price and a $25 silver price is not too unlikely in the next few months.

Euruko 2008, Prague, March 29-30   31 Jan 08
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Euruko is an annual conference about the Ruby programming language with an informal atmosphere and lots of opportunities to listen, to talk, to hack and to have fun. This year it takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, on March 29th to 30th.


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