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Croquet video   26 Apr 06
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Marcus Denker’s Seaside talk from 22C3 is available as video now:

The file is called 22C3-599-en-seaside_squeak.mp4 (almost an hour, 346 MB).

The image used (This contains all slides as Squeak Projects): "Slides" as pdf (e.g. for printing):

My favorite gem command   07 Apr 06
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This tiny command installs all the doc to all installed gems.
 gem rdoc --all

Then start the gem server


BSP on MPI   31 Mar 06
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BSPonMPI is a platform-independent communication library for developing parallel (SPMD) programs. It implements the BSPlib standard and runs on all machines which have MPI.

Great pics from Italy   31 Mar 06
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Anna, a big thanks for the link.

When will I next be in Italy? :-).

puf - Parallel URL fetcher   31 Mar 06
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puf is a download tool for UNIX-like systems. You may use it to download single files or to mirror entire servers. It is similar to GNU wget (and has a partly compatible command line), but has the ability to do many downloads in parallel. This is very interesting, if you have a high-bandwidth internet connection.

On debian:

  apt-get install puf

puf is one of these great commandline tools that one simply loves!

Zebra tables: making nicer tables with CSS   07 Mar 06
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Thanks to Sven C. Koehler for the link. It explains how to make zebra tables without needing to apply a CSS class to each tr.

Must read: Bjarne Stroustrup Interview about C++   03 Mar 06
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Linkdump on CSS   02 Mar 06
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I asked Stefan for help on some CSS problems and here are the links that he recommended after fixing my problem:

Fun with Spotlight   01 Mar 06
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Thank to Sven C. Koehler for the following scripts. He uses spotlight to datamine the Enron email data :-).

# convertEnronEmail

 #!/usr/bin/perl -0p
 ($date) = /^(Date: [^\n]+)/sm;
 ($from) = /^From:\s*([^\n]+)/sm;
 print "From $from @{[scalar localtime]}\n";


 #! /bin/sh
 mdfind "kMDItemTextContent == '${1+"$@"}'" | grep /enron/


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs grep ${1+"$@"}


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs -n+1 convertEnronEmail


 #! /bin/sh
 enronEmailsForKeyword ${1+"$@"} | xargs cat

Active RBAC   28 Feb 06
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ActiveRBAC is a library for Ruby On Rails that provides a full stack for managing users and permissions. It runs as a Rails Engine and can be set up within minutes for your existing Rails projects.


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