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Refactoring Demo Screencast   21 May 06
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Four different ways of performing the refactoring "Extract Method".

Multitouch Interaction Research   13 May 06
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Bi-manual, multi-point, and multi-user interactions on a graphical interaction surface.

Amazing video. I want one!

Google Tech Talks   11 May 06
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Google has tons of interestings videos worth watch about a range of different topics.

This morning I watched Kevin Kelly’s "The next 50 years of science".

The scientific method which provides us with so many … all technological goodies does not resemble the science of 1600. Ever since Bacon, science has undergone a slow evolution.

Landmarks in the history of the scientific method are the invention of libraries, indexes, citations, controlled experiments, peer review, placebos, double blind experiments, randomization, and search among others. At the core of the scientific method is the structuring of information.

In the next 50 years, as the technologies of information and knowledge accelerate, the nature of the scientific process will change even more than it has in the last 400 years. We can’t predict what specific inventions will arise in the next 50 years, but based on long-term trends in epistemic tools, I believe we can speculate on how the scientific method itself — that is, how we know — will change in the next five decades

Sven's idea scratchpad   27 Apr 06
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Sven C. Koehler has finally put up his own blog "Symbol Thinking".

A bad citizen in Javaland   27 Apr 06
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Excellent blog entry by Darren Hobbs.

On myth and religion in the incredibly ugly network   26 Apr 06
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Comop.lang.smalltalk excerpt between Joachim Tuchel and Andre Schnoor.
 Joachim Tuchel wrote:
 > >> ... Why on earth does it seem everybody believes that JBOSS or any EJB
 > >> environment will scale with no limits? After all, it's a bunch of Java
 > >> classes running in a JVM, just like seaside is a bunch of SMalltalk
 > >> classes runnung in a Smalltalk-VM....

 Andre Schnoor answered
 Marketing. The right buzz words and false promises within a perfect
 > opportunity window in history - and there you are. If something is new (I
 > mean so new that nobody can actually grasp it), hype and buzz sometimes
 > work like religion: You believe what you want to believe. You find
 > yourself spreading the word before you actually had a look at it. Suddenly
 > there are 5 million people chiming in, while only a mere 0,05% of them
 > really know what they are talking about. The big bang of myths.
 > I ran rather large sites with 8 million+ monthly visitors and 7-8
 > Terrabytes of bandwith on a single 4 CPU Sun. Others required 16 Suns for
 > less traffic. It mostly depends on your database model and how frequently
 > users interact with content that is compiled "live" (not cached). The
 > basic application scripting doesn't account much to it.
 >  From the perspective of a classic software engineer (and with an extra
 > bias towards German "Gruendlichkeit"), web technology in general is a huge
 > pile of complicated, heterogenous, incredibly expensive and annoying crap.
 > All that in-band signalling, all those stone age protocols and character
 > sets, quick & dirty hacks, spaghetti scripting,
 >   what-happens-next-machines ... think about how incredibly *ugly* this
 > network actually is  ;-)
 > Seaside looks like a very beautiful and innovative thing. You should give
 > it a try.

.. Largo Argentino ..

Top ten lines of entrepreneurs   26 Apr 06
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Guy Kawasaki has a nice blog posting.

.. and here are the top ten lies of venture capitalists.

Croquet video   26 Apr 06
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Marcus Denker’s Seaside talk from 22C3 is available as video now:

The file is called 22C3-599-en-seaside_squeak.mp4 (almost an hour, 346 MB).

The image used (This contains all slides as Squeak Projects): "Slides" as pdf (e.g. for printing):

My favorite gem command   07 Apr 06
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This tiny command installs all the doc to all installed gems.
 gem rdoc --all

Then start the gem server


BSP on MPI   31 Mar 06
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BSPonMPI is a platform-independent communication library for developing parallel (SPMD) programs. It implements the BSPlib standard and runs on all machines which have MPI.


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