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Apache Mahut -- the doc page is growing fast   27 Nov 11
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That is good news. I’m still not using it, and fall back to my parallel R and C hacks, but maybe I give it a real try very soon.

Good to see that it keeps its momentum.

Hbase freelancer wanted   04 May 09
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Apx needs an experienced hbase developer to help us to define the cluster size, equipement to use, etc. for a particular project. This would be done remotely with the possibility for a long term contract, or permanent position. If interested, drop me a short summary of your hbase experience (please no word docs, txt or pdf only) at m94asr at gmail dot com.

smaz: small strings encryption library   06 Apr 09
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Cool hypertable freelance projects or permanent jobs   01 Apr 09
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If you are a hypertable expert and want a true challenge .. onsite (DFW, TX, USA) or via remote contact me at armin at personifi dot com. Looking forward to build a great team to kick ass!

Task boundaries using a classifier   26 Nov 08
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Also worth reading:

Near duplicate detection   26 Nov 08
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Clever. Recommended reading.

Wikipedia saturated   11 Aug 08
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Six Degrees of Wikipedia   28 May 08
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Ever heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? If you haven’t, it works like this: Every actor gets a Kevin Bacon number. Kevin Bacon has a Kevin Bacon number of 0, actors who were in a movie with Kevin Bacon get a Kevin Bacon number of 1, actors who were in a movie with someone who has a Kevin Bacon number 1 get a 2, and so on (Everybody always gets the smallest number possible, so if you were in a film with two people, one with a 4 and one with a 6, your Kevin Bacon number would be 5).

The same idea could apply to the articles Wikipedia. Instead of taking "in the same film" as the relation, you can take "is linked to by". We’ll call the "Kevin Bacon number" from one article to another the "distance" between them. It’s then possible to work out the "closeness" of an article in Wikipedia as its average distance to any other article. I wanted to find the centre of wikipedia, that is, the article that is closest to all other articles (has minimum closeness).

R Graph Gallery   20 Jun 06
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I came across this useful posting by Gregor Gorjanc in the r-help ML.

  • R graphical manuals (this is awesome page as there are all help pages of all packages on CRAN and probably even more and all graphics examples are displayed! - more than 8000 images!)

This is a very nice addition to already existing R graph and movies galleries

  • R Graph Gallery

  • R Movies Gallery

Estraier 1.2.26   06 Feb 05
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Estraier is a full-text search system for personal use. Its principal purpose is to realize a full-text search system for a Web site. It functions similarly to Google, but for a personal Web site or sites in an intranet. It has fast searching, conspicuous results, relational document search, the ability to handle Japanese text, and support for handling a large number of documents. Installation is easy.

Changes: A plug-in to show spelling alternation of the search phrase was added. A bug in the search server was fixed


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