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Beat Takeshi   25 Sep 04
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If you want to relax after too much work .. and are sick of the normal Hollywood movies, check out Beat Takeshi.

Excellent page about Beat Takeshi.

Takeshi Kitano on the question: What’s you’re coolest moment?

 "In Japan, there is a broadcasting station called NHK,
  like BBC, but much, much stricter. When I was a rising
  star in comedy I appeared on a live program, and the director specifically
  said you can't say such-and-such, if you use these words you'll
  be finished. So of course I couldn't resist. I said 'shit'
  12 times in a row. I said, 'I saw a shit-like substance on the street.
  So I went over and I picked it up and smelled it, and it smelled like
  shit. Then I felt it and it felt like shit, and I liked it, and
  it tasted like shit, so I put it away. Thank god I didn't step in it!'
  That was my coolest moment, because it was a tremendous risk. They could have
  cut me off but they didn't. The director was fired and the producer was moved
  to another program, far away from Tokyo."

He's inexpensive because he is totally untrained ..   25 Sep 04
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Check out the Dilbert comic from 7/21 :-).   25 Sep 04
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Thanks to Valerie for the link
 have a look at and type bush or chirac or armin roehrl :-)

Team is an anagram for meat   25 Sep 04
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Make sure you check out today’s userfriendly.

If uncertain about the dress code, also enjoy today’s Dilbert

What’s a day without Dilbert and UF?

A good marketing beer add: "The ideal wife"   25 Sep 04
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A friend sent me this funny beer ad this morning. It is not politically correct, but enjoy it.

more ads

Brown table strategy   25 Sep 04
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(Source: Dilbert) Today's Dilbert fits in wonderfully with the current outsourcing mania. link

World's largest truck   25 Sep 04
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Just in case you do not know what to buy me as my next birthday present .. I saw this monster on Gizmodo.

Dilbert - outsourcing :-)   25 Sep 04
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Make sure you see the image. It's so real.


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