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New forum for Latinos living around lake Starnberg   25 Nov 08
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La idea es juntar a todos los latinoamericanos y personas de habla hispana que vivan en la zona de Starnberger See y alrededores y tengan ganas de compartir experiencias con otros hermanos.

Einstein's messy desk   23 Nov 08
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as I am such a chaotic person myself, I like it :-).

new energy blog   01 Aug 08
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Sex sells ..   12 Feb 08
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Surprise, surprise .. :-). Men buy the DSL connections :-).

Took this picture in Hamburg at Hansenet (alice, Telekom Italia).

The model is Vanessa Hessler and she is playing in the latest Asterix movie.

Shiny polar cloud   11 Dec 07
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I came across this great article on Slashdot.

Dryad talk   16 Nov 07
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Dryad is the Microsoft copy from map-reduce.

Got   29 Aug 07
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Thanks to Hal for passing this useful link:

It’s one of the few links that made it into the expensive real estate of my browser toolbar.

Google scalability conference videos   07 Jul 07
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Enjoy! :-)

Ceramics for Breakfast   04 Feb 07
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Designboom has a bunch of interesting ideas on design.

Altered Carbon   29 Sep 06
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Altered Carbon is a highly recommended SF-book.

Scientific development has always learnt a lot from SF. Maybe boody-sleeving will be next.


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