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LLVM videos online   27 Dec 10
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akka -- is impressive   21 Dec 10
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PGP/GnuPG/Open PGP Message Encryption in Javascript   21 Dec 10
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Bosten Jquery slides   20 Oct 10
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Thanks to Brandon for the link:

Free book on Node_js   08 Sep 10
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Node.js JS on the Server (google tech talk)   06 Sep 10
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Ryan Dahl, the author of Node.js explains his latest baby.

New Mogul: business, leadership, management and financial news aggregator   05 Sep 09
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Thanks to Mike B for sharing this link:

Who travels with 134 billion dollars in a suitcase?   22 Jun 09
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On Thursday, June 11, 2009 Italian police of the Guardia di Finanza seized US$134 billion of United States bearer bonds at the border with Switzerland at Chiasso. The bonds include 249 Treasury bonds worth $500 million each, and ten $1 billion Kennedy Bonds. Bearer bonds are unregistered bonds that are redeemable by whoever is in possession.

Are they fraud?

JSmineset writes: Governments in times of war counterfeit the opponent’s currency and government bearer bonds to balloon the money supply, inflicting injury by inflation. These instruments, even not in official figures, act the same as a massive increase in the money supply. $134 billion is not massive by today’s standards but how do you know this is the only suitcase? Nobody is that stupid with funds of this size, even if they are counterfeit. You can be sure there is more where this came from. The probability then is that the $134 billion is not all of it and might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Some images:

A similar story from 2001:

A lot of updates here:

Mindset   30 Nov 08
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There is some hope .. after all on the green front. Maybe the big and established car companies get some inspiration from this, or from the good old Tesla. I would probably buy one.

A big thanks to Michael for the link.

energy from ocean currents   30 Nov 08
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Very very good article.

This, combined with simple solarthermal power generation is the future.


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