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F*ing software patents will kill open source and small to medium size companies   25 Sep 04
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I just now came across this link on slashdot. The only thing I can say is that like in the RIAA (sic) cases one really wonders about our politicians. And this is the weakest way of putting it .. oh boy! Lessing has said it correctly: *If we don’t fight for our freedom, we do not deserve it*. I am so sick of all these stupid trivial patents like double-click, hyperlinks, etc. .. does anybody care that obvious prior art exists?

The /. link

Some nice quotes :-)

 Ministers were being trusted to represent the view of the government that sent
 them... but it seems as if business interests have found that these
 individuals are a weak link that can easily be "bought off" and convinced to act
 on their own.

 The corporations won the war.


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