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Nginx internals   16 Nov 09
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How Google usese Linux (   28 Oct 09
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Thanks to Sven for the link

Jeff Dean slides on large distributed systems (Google)   23 Oct 09
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Jeff Dean gave a keynote talk at LADIS 2009 on "Designs, Lessons and Advince from Building Large Distributed Systems".

watch - execute a program periodically   29 Sep 09
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watch is one of these useful linux/unix commands. I am right now generating files that take some time and simply by typing
 watch ls -lhr

I keep the status in one screen. Really useful!

Blackblaze: 67 terabytes for $7,867   02 Sep 09
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GFS: Google File System   13 Aug 09
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What every developer should know about memory   02 Feb 09
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worth reading

Vimperator - gain back your time   20 Jun 08
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Thanks to Brenden for passing me this link.

First there was a Navigator, then there was an Explorer. Later it was time for a Konqueror. Now it’s time for an Imperator, the VIMperator :)

Vimperator is a free browser add-on for Firefox, which makes it look and behave like the Vim text editor. It has similar key bindings, and you could call it a modal web browser, as key bindings differ according to which mode you are in.

Now I need vim bindings for openoffice, so that I stop typing :w.

Oh yeah :-).   03 Sep 07
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.. on the crazyness of the Microsoft WGA anti-piracy scheme.

Blackbox: your datacenter in a container   24 Jun 07
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For a project we are currently looking at datacenters and we all agree that the idea of getting all the equipement stuffed into a container is a useful one:-).


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