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The art of R programming   27 Nov 11
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free R book

Bringing 64 bit to R   27 Nov 11
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R wiki book   09 Jul 11
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This book is designed to be a practical guide to the R programming language.

Multiple Y-axis in a R plot   11 May 11
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Bigmemory -- memory mapped files for R   21 Dec 10
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Abstracts and Slides from userR! 2010   01 Aug 10
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Complete list of abstracts and slides

Some videos:

From Google-protobuffers, to extreme values to direct marketing data to soecial networking to large parallel problems, etc. ..

As usual the R-Journal (Volume 2/1, June 2010), has some good stuff, too.

R+GPU   10 Jul 10
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gputools uses CULA to give you a GPU enabled fastICA. Very impressive .. speeds up R :-).

Chart of R colors   26 Nov 06
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This chart of R colors can come in handy.


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