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EuRuKo 2010   27 Nov 09
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Let’s all meet in Krakow :-).

The annual ruby conference will be on May 22/23 in Krakow.

Rack Middleware collection   29 Oct 09
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Thanks to MikeV for the link.

People are getting creative with ffi   07 Aug 09
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Thanks to Mike V for the link :-).

nonlocking memcache client   02 Mar 09
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localmemcache   02 Mar 09
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Efficiently sharing a hashtable between processes on a local Unix machine.

Euruko 2009: Barcelona, May 9-10   11 Dec 08
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See you all in Barcelona!

memcache-client vs memcached   25 Nov 08
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OK, on OS-X, the memcached gem is much faster. On gentoo it hardly matters which one you use.

ruby wanted on the nvidia tesla   23 Nov 08
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I wish ruby were running on this baby :-).

Third base: fast and easy date/datetime class   22 Nov 08
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The Ruby standard Date class tries to be all things to all people. While it does a decent job, it’s slow enough to be the bottleneck in some applications. If we decide not to care about the Date of Calendar Reform and the fact that the Astronomical Julian Date differs from the Julian Date, much of the complexity of Ruby’s standard Date/DateTime class can be removed, and there can be significant improvements in speed.

Thin -- a fast and simple ruby webserver   28 Feb 08
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I have not yet used it in production, but heard good things.


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