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Rails Migration cheat sheet   06 Feb 06
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Useful cheat sheet[]. Using migration allows less independence on the DB used. Yes, my friends and I can’t agree on which DB to use.

DE: Podcast: Rapid WebDevelopment mit RoR   06 Feb 06
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Nach langerer Sendepause geht’s weiter: Heute mit Thomas Baustert und Ralf Wirdemann uber Ruby on Rails und ihr Buch Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails.

Download des Podcasts wie immer unter:

Viel Spas!


Making dependent select boxes   03 Feb 06
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Adam Hegedus has a nice blogentry explaining how to make ajax select boxes.

Ajax patterns   22 Dec 05
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.. and of course there is a ajax patterns website :-)

Why is rails so successful?   20 Dec 05
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Interesting blog-entry by Ryan Ripley.

Rails is such a success as it has a strong story, good timing, wentviral, and is authentic.

Marrying Ferret and Rails   09 Dec 05
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Great wiki summary based on a rails mailing by Kaspar Weibel. It works on multiple Active Records.

Rails Cheat Sheet   09 Dec 05
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I found this cheat sheet. Unfortunately I do not know who the author is, but thanks to the anonymous author anyhow.

Google Maps in Rails   03 Dec 05
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Great post.

Cartographer is a ruby library for Google Maps API.


[ANN] Action Profiler 1.0.0   30 Nov 05
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Eric Hodel posted the announcement to the rails-ML.


Action Profiler allows you to profile a single Rails action to determine what to optimize. You can use the Production Log Analyzer and action_grep to determine which actions you should profile and what arguments to use.

Information on the Production Log Analyzer can be found at:

Action Profiler REQUIRES Ruby 1.8.3, even if you just use Ruby’s builtin profiler.

Action Profiler can use three profilers, Ruby’s builtin profiler class, Shugo Maeda’s Prof or Ryan Davis’ ZenProfile.

Shugo Maeda’s Prof:

Ryan Davis’ ZenProfile:

Gem Installation

 gem install action_profiler

Adfinem RiskJobs   25 Nov 05
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We release Version 1 of the rails/Ajax app: RiskJobs. It’s written completely in rails. The user profiles get updated using Ajax.

RiskJobs is a German Headhunting website for the Risk Management domain. Applicants can fill out their profiles (tree structures) and companies can search: e.g. we need an operational risk expert with 3 years of experience that also knows X, Y and Z.

This adds one more app, the ever growing RealWorldUsage wiki page.


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