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[ANN] RubyJS -- convert ruby to javascript
15 Jan 07 -
Michael Neumann has announced his latest project :-).
 Hi all,

 Long time since I announced my last project....

 With RubyJS you can transform a subset of Ruby into Javascript code.

 What works?
 * Classes, modules, inheritance
 * Instance methods, class methods
 * Exceptions (rescue/ensure)
 * Meta-programming stuff like 'attr_reader'
 (any meta-programming stuff works that does not appear inside methods)
 * Iterators, yield
 * "require" (with platform-specific extension ala Google Webtoolkit)
 * Inline Javascript code
 * Some kind of compile-time method lookup  ;-)
 * Numbers, String, Array, Hash, Proc (a lot of functionallity is missing!)
 * Testing with Rhino-JS
 * A lot more  :)

 There is a lots of room for optimizations and improvement  :)


 Best use Mercurial ( to check it out:
 hg clone static-